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Breakfast Menu
Breakfast Menu

Breakfast and Brunch

A comprehensive complimentary Continental Breakfast is served at the time of your convenience.

Simply make your selection from the Breakfast Menu and inform the Villa Manager when you wish for your breakfast to be served.

At Sangsuri, we know how important a great cup of coffee is for many of our guests. That's why we've selected good-quality coffee beans and professional Espresso machines so our well-trained staff are able to serve up great coffee all day, every day.


All our coffee and espresso drinks are complimentary. Iced coffee drinks are also available and provide the ideal refreshment after an afternoon on the beach or pool!


If you wish to have a longer lie-in in the morning and to combine Breakfast and Lunch into a comprehensive Brunch, then simply add a few of our Brunch items to your Continental Breakfast selection.

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