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At Sangsuri Beach Villas, you'll have a team of friendly and experienced staff members to help make your stay comfortable and enjoyable.


Depending on the size of your villa and the number of guests, your team will consist of 5 to 8 staff members, including a Villa Manager, Personal Chef, Housekeeping Staff, Gardeners, Maintenance, and part-time Pool and Pond Cleaners.


Our Villa teams are highly trained and have won awards for being the best in their field. They understand that your privacy is important to you, so they'll always be in the background, ready to assist you with anything you need.


Our guests often praise our Villa teams for being helpful, professional, and respectful of their privacy. So rest assured that you'll have a fantastic team of people taking care of you during your stay at Sangsuri Beach Villas.

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  • The Villa Manager is always available for any special requests or assistance when organizing your sightseeing, leisure or sports activities on Koh Samui. He/she also assists in providing table service during your meals. 

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  • Your Personal Chef - often considered to be „the most important staff member“ - prepares your favourite Thai or international meals for you and makes sure that the food is served at your preferred time and in any of the indoor or outdoor dining facilities available.

  • The Housekeeping staff members clean the bedrooms in the morning and keep all facilities clean and neat. They also assist the Villa Manager to serve the food to your table during your meals.

  • The Gardeners are responsible for maintaining the garden and the areas around the villa. They can also help you with your luggage when you arrive or leave by taking it to or from the airport limousine or minibus.

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  • The Maintenance staff is here in case there is something to be fixed. Although we take great care to keep our Villas in excellent condition, there may be some minor issues that arise during your stay.

  • The Pool and Pond Cleaner works hard to keep the water clean and clear at all times. They usually come twice per week early in the morning to make sure they don't bother anyone who might be using the pools or ponds.

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