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Lunch and Dinner

Enjoy the delicious Thai meals suggested on our In-Villa Menu. Try out new dishes every day. Our main courses include Thai Specialties, Curries, Fried Rice and Fried Noodles, and you can choose how you like them to be prepared: With chicken, pork, beef, seafood, shrimp, fish, tofu or vegetables.

Share your meal in the typical Thai-family style by ordering just a few dishes (e.g. 2 starters/salads, 1 soup, 3 or 4 main dishes) placed on the centre of the table and shared with your family and friends.

The Villa Manager will typically approach you towards the end of breakfast with the Menu so you can choose both lunch and dinner.​ This will give your Personal Chef sufficient time to shop for the ingredients.*

Some of the fruits and herbs used by the chefs come from our own beach garden. When you see your Personal Chef walking by with a filled basket, you'll know that lunch or dinner will be ready soon!

* All items purchased from the chef to produce lunch or dinner or additional brunch items are invoiced at cost (receipts from market/shops) plus 20 %.

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Please inform your Villa Manager about any special dietary restrictions you might have.


If you wish to eat something that is not on our Menu, please do not hesitate to ask your Villa Manager: We have available a Thai Cook book with many other dishes.

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